I used to have an account on here, guess it got deleted, some of the newground system is different from when I used to use this site regularly, guess it deactivates if you don't log in for a while?

I uploaded in the audio section, gonna take a lil bit for them to put it through the message says. Its for my Video Game Rap. I've been working on a series of songs with tha theme in the hopes of putting together an album. All the details of the song I put up complete with lyrics is in the description of the submission. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Anyone interested in helping out with my project or just comments, suggestions or requests for songs to be in the album are welcome. Its going to have 11 tracks about 1/2 of the themes and game selections are decided with one bonus anime rap.

The video with lyrics can be seen here
http://www.veoh.com/videos/v15469317XM Gsw962?rank=9&order=mr&c=kabliskkeep


Remade my account and put in first submission, yay!