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SOTN - Lost Paintings [Re SOTN - Lost Paintings [Re

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good stuff

good stuff, man, a lil softer than the original song, what did you use to do this? I did a song and submitted it to newgrounds so take a listen for me ok? :p I'm getting into remixing game music so that I can rap over it, its taking some learning but I'm starting to get the hang of it. good luck man, hope you submit some more stuff.

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MusicWizard responds:


You can read what i used to create this remake in my comment.

I recommend you to use FL Studio 7.0 or 8.0 XXL version.
With various plugins that fits you style of music.
For example: this tune is a soft and slow one which requires orchestra-style of plugins and soundpacks. And that is what i used.

And you can be sure i will submit more rameks in the future.

Take care now.